Top 10 Whatsapp features list that you must try

Written by Darshan Nagekar
Whatsapp features list

Whatsapp features list

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app which has the most number of installs in the play store and on App store too. It has Billions of installs and every day more than 100 million messages are sent via Whatsapp. The Whatsapp team always wants the users to be very comfortable with their app and they keep improving it.

Top 10 Whatsapp features list

1) Pay using Whatsapp

Whatsapp is trying to beat all the bank companies it has rolled out it is payment features which are connected with UPI. Other apps like Paytm, BHIM, Google Tez also use UPI. This feature is surely going to beat all the other apps which are ranking right now as Whatsapp is used by each an every user. This will make life simpler and provide better stability for the people.



2) Delete Sent Messages

Most of the time we end up sending the wrong message to a person we don’t want to send. This new Whatsapp feature deletes your message which you have sent to the other person. But the person will get the message saying ” This message is deleted”.





3) Describe your Whatsapp Group


Whatsapp now allows describing your WhatsApp group based on what topic is the group is used to discuss about. This feature is enrolled in to reduce the spamming as many join group which is not related to their topic and this causes spam in the group. So the Whatsapp team has given an option to add a description to your group.





4)  Group calling Feature


Whatsapp has now rolled out group video calling feature which now allows four people to video call at the same time. The previous update had one on one video calling feature. Group calling feature might be the biggest success as it has allowed all the young generation to discuss using group calling feature.

Whatsapp Group calling

Whatsapp Group calling


5) Whatsapp for Business

Whatsapp now allows chats for Business purpose. It has verified Badge so the customer is satisfied that it is a true brand or sales.

whatsapp for business

WhatsApp for business


6) Share photos of Location and time stickers

It allows to show your location with the photo you clicked and posted or while sharing with your friend.


7) Switch easily between Voice and video call

This feature is enrolled to ensure the privacy of the person sometimes you do personal things that time to switch to voice.




8) Play Youtube videos from your Whatsapp Chat window directly

Now you can play the YouTube videos directly on the WhatsApp chat windows. The YouTube video will be displayed in a tiny bubble and you will increase and decrease its size depending on your requirement which depends on your eye.

9)Change the look of your WhatsApp icon

Through this feature, you get the freedom to choose a WhatsApp logo that you like. You can also choose the shape of the logo too.


10) Sharing Live Location

Share your live location !


Whatsapp Live Location

Whatsapp Live Location



This was the Whatsapp features to list! Thank you for reading:)!

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