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Written by Darshan Nagekar

Getting  Instagram followers is not so difficult if we know the Instagram logarithm. Most of them get stuck after 200 followers to 300 followers. So this post will teach how to get daily 100 to 200 followers daily depending on your work. So let’s start.

Intro !

To get Instagram followers make an account and fill all the details and an attractive bio to pull users to follow. Keep and attractive dp and should follow a particular posting pattern.If you want to grow your Instagram followers  then first of all you should be regular. Regular in the sense you should post regularly and try to interact with your followers. This will make keep updated to your Instagram account. By using proper hashtag on your photo your photo can also go viral depending on your content you posted. Do not spam your photo with lots of hashtag this will make your photo/content to be ignored by Instagram servers to become viral. Most of the newbie try to spam which causes ban or photo not getting viral.

How to Get Followers !

First of all you should follow all the celebrities with lots of followers at least 100 celebrities continuously then slowly you will start getting followers.
Note: Your account should not be private it should be public to start getting followers.

Repeat this procedure after every 60 minutes of interval. If u do it continuously then Instagram will put limit on your account and you wont able to follow anyone so follow 100 celebrities and unfollow them. keep repeating these steps and you’ll able to get 20-30 followers every time you follow 100 top followers celebrities.

Within 2-3 days you will get 500 followers if you regularly follow the above procedure.

How to get Like !

Well everyone wants likes in the start itself so this trick will give you Instagram likes if u use it wisely. So i give you some tags which is most used tag on Instagram . While using these tags keep in mind that you should use the tag related to your photo and you should not spam tags. If u spam then the server will not make it viral.

( For those who don’t know what is spam it is irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc )
Top Instagram tags !

#love                  #photooftheday
#instagood      #instamood
#me                    #iphonesia
#cute                  #jj
#sky                    #nofilter
#tbt                     #fashion
#tweegram       #followme
#picoftheday    #fun
#igers                  #tagblender
#beautiful          #happy
#instadaily         #bestoftheday
#summer            #igdaily
#instagramhub #follow
#iphoneonly       #f4f

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