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How to clone facebook pages – Easy Method

Written by Darshan Nagekar



As we all know Facebook is all about different types of tricks. It is not so easy to get the trick but Facebook is having soo much traffic that people always get new tricks. Recently the clone trick was found and the trick is going viral in may of the facebook dealing groups.

What is Clone trick?

Cloning means making a duplicate copy of a particular thing and selling all the duplicate work on the dealing groups and making a profit. You can make 3-4 clones by this awesome trick. But as we all know good things have bad things also. This clone trick is very risky as it may wipe your original page as well as the clones. Chances are that you may lose everything and end up with nothing. Please try this trick on your own risk. We are not responsible for the loss.


  • The page you want to clone
  • 2-3 fake facebook accounts

Steps to Clone page!

  1. Creating new Facebook Pages
  2. Updating Page Information
  3. Suggesting Pages as Duplicate
  4. Merging and Cloning

Step 1: Creating New Pages

Create 3 new Facebook pages with required names. You can use same name pages as well.

Step 2: Update Page Informations

Make sure to go to Update Page Info and edit pieces of information of all pages (1 old + 3 new) as below :

  • Category: Local Business: Local Business
  • Subcategories: Bar
  • Address:
    • 1020 86th Street
    • Brooklyn, New York
  • Opening Hours: Always Open
  • Phone: +1 800-588-2300

Step 3: Suggest Page as Duplicate

Ask your friends or use your fake Facebook IDs for this. Now Open all new pages on Facebook and then click on Suggest an Edit. Now you have to Paste the links of an old Facebook page as a duplicate in all new pages. Do it from 2-3 accounts.

Step 4: Merging and Clone

This is the most important step. In this step, which is very important we will have to send facebook multiple merging details to a Facebook server at the same time or simultaneously.

  1. Open Edit the Settings of all the newly created pages on Facebook in different chrome or firefox tabs. At second last option, you’ll see Merge Pages option. After that click on your previous pages name and continue the till the final step where you will be asked to choose url of the page after you  merge the pages. Do it for all 3 new pages and tick on url of the new page.
  2. Now.. you are ready to clone. Now you have to click on merge all the tabs and try it click on the same time. Do this as fast as possible and you are done.

Congratulations…  ALL DONE !

Points To Be Noted :


  • There are chances that you may get an error at last because of the time gap between clicking on Merge button. Use Chrome or firefox only
  • This has lots of risks there’s no surety that all 3 pages get the clone. Sometimes a number of products may vary.
  • facebook deletes only one page, so there is no problem
  • Try this trick as soon as possible as this might vanish from facebook!ALL THE BEST !!! Try at your own risk!

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