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How to download online videos from youtube

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We all watch videos online isn’t it ? yea ! But sometimes we feel like downloading the video from the internet and we don’t have any idea how to download it from the youtube. So that we don’t need to waste our data/wifi plan to watch that video again. Youtube eats a lot of data while you watch video from there specially when you want want to watch it in full HD. Eats a lot of data right ? Yes, So here is the solution for the above problem. I will tell you how to download online videos from Youtube.

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Download online videos from youtube.

  1. Go to and type ‘online youtube downloader’ and click enter
  2. Open the top search result as shown in below Screenshot

  3. Now go to youtube and play the video that you want to download online videos and copy the read part

4.Now go back to download online videos website to download the video on your computer/laptop.
Choose which format you want there is Audio format for only music no video and there is video format which        will download music as well as audio on your computer. Once you choose your format click on start and boom       the video/audio will start downloading on your computer/laptop.

After the video is downloaded on your computer/laptop fully you can watch it without internet. The video is saved in your computer download folder or desktop. If you are unable to find it you can search in your browser history/download part where all data is stored.

Many people are still unable to know how to download online videos please share this article on your facebook/twitter/whatsapp/instagram etc. We are trying to reach the maximum audience so that everyone knows about this article. This is the easiest way to download on internet.

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